Classes & Dress Codes



image-01Ballet Fusion- (Ages 13-up)

Ballet reimagined! Wish you had never stopped your ballet training or wanting to start at a later age? Join our new class this year and return to ballet in a way you never thought! Refresh your ballet skills in a class set to a more contemporary tone, plus the best body conditioning around. Fresh music, choreography, all the skill with more of the fun!



image-03Ballet and Jazz Combo (AGE 6)

Why should the tappers have all the fun? Now your little one can start Jazz classes with their Ballet in this hour and a half class offered every week! They will take each style in this class, 45 min each. Bonus, they will get 2 recital dances for each style in our end of the year show, but only buy ONE costume!





Creative Movement and Combo Classes

Our Creative Movement Program and Combo classes are designed specifically for the development and limitations of Pre-schoolers to kindergarten. It emphasizes movement and motion, rhythm, coordination skills, proper muscular development, and some Pre-Ballet basics. Use of props such as scarves, balls, lumi sticks, and other items help keep the kids interested and facilitate their skills.

Creative Movement I (AGE 3 in sept)

Creative Movement II (AGE 4 in sept)

This class is a great introduction to dance and creative movement! Using games, imagery and imagination we teach these young dancers terminology and proper placement! We aim to encourage a lifelong passion for learning through music and movement! Expect your dancer to learn the basic positioning and terminology for Ballet in this one fun and exciting class! They will be presented in a Lecture Demonstration in May at the Studio for the parents. Costumes will be provided.

Creative Movement Dress Code:

Girls: Pink Ballet leotard and pink leather or canvas Ballet shoes.

Boys: Black Shorts, white tank top and black leather Ballet shoes.

Combo Ballet/Tap or Ballet/Jazz (age 5 in sept, kindergarten) 1 hour

We are now offering a 5 year old Ballet/Jazz combo! Great for young dancers to get the best of both Tap/Jazz and Ballet technique. In this class we will have a Ballet center floor as well as Jazz or Tap center and across the floor exercises, and choreography. These classes do perform in the year end recital, either ballet or Jazz/tap. (Only one costume required)

Please choose the Tap or Jazz when registering for Combo (5 year olds)

Ballet/Jazz for 6 year olds (1st grade)

This is two separate 45 min classes back to back. They will do 2 dances in recital but only purchase 1 costume!

Dress Code for both Combo and Pre Ballet/Pre Jazz:

Girls: Black Ballet leotard and pink leather or canvas Ballet shoes, and tan slip on jazz shoes. For 1 hour ballet/tap combo you will need tan tap shoes instead of the Jazz shoes.

For Boys: Black Shorts, white tank top and black leather Ballet shoes, black oxford tap shoes.




Ballet is the foundation of all other forms of dance! This class is crucial for any serious dancer. In this class, students will learn classical Ballet positioning through exercises at the barre, center floor, and across the floor progressions.

Dress Code:

Girls: Black Ballet leotard (Ballet skirt optional) pink tights and pink Ballet shoes. Boys: Black Shorts, white tank top and black Ballet shoes.




This up-beat dance style develops body control, flexibility, terminology and technique. Learn turns, jumps, dance routines and leaps as well as the latest choreography!! Jazz will help develop strength, coordination, correct placement and musicality with fun up-tempo music.

Dress Code:
Girls: Black leotard, tan or black tights, black booty shorts or jazz pants/capris, tan Jazz shoes. Boys: Black Shorts, white tank top and Jazz shoes.




An expressive dance style that uses Ballet and Jazz technique to express the feeling of a musical piece. Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.

Dress Code:

Girls: Black leotard, tan or black tights, black booty shorts or jazz pants/capris, Lyrical or Jazz shoes.

Boys: Black Shorts, white tank top Lyrical or Jazz shoes.



Improve your musicality and coordination! This class allows you to be a musician and a dancer all a the same time! Typical tap classes last about an hour, beginning with a warm-up to stretch the muscles of the legs and feet. Dancers practice a series of basic steps, adding more difficult combinations as they become more proficient. Tap dancing is a vigorous form of dance, requiring a good deal of physical fitness.

 Dress Code

Boys and Girls: Black leotard, pink or tan tights, tan tap shoes



Hip Hop

These classes introduce and refine your skills in Hip Hop technique. Styles covered include, Popping, Waving, House, Locking and will help you learn to pick up choreography. Hip hop dance steps require skill and experience to perfect. Hip hop dancers practice a lot in order to master basic steps and movements that appear simple when performed. Dancers with a good sense of rhythm find it easier to learn hip hop steps.

Dress Code:

Boys and Girls: Normal jazz attire, shorts, or hip hop pants, and sneakers.